About Us

Travel-Fashion-Bug is not a mere pseudonym but an expression towards a fulfilling life! Our mantra? To make you feel at home in your own skin!

We’re here to show how subtle changes in your everyday lifestyle, say related to your skin care and other hygiene/beauty routines, or your everyday style-statement, as we believe fashion is self-expression of your personality and so as your choice of place pertaining to hangouts or vacation,  helps you in connecting with your inner-self and the more you embrace this individuality; the better shoots your level of productivity in every other endeavour in life!  Thus, believing that self-expression and confidence are an integral part of one’s person, we have donned the duty on ourselves to take care of these two aspects of your life in the most feasible way as possible!

I am Yishu, a Delhi based blogger, who staunchly believes that lifestyle, travelling and fashion are intrinsically amalgamated.  If soaring the unchartered territories is something that intrigues you –  Wink & Join along! I’ll be your advance guide, who’ll pander not just to your every-day-skin-care-regime, adding a pinch of fashion to your quotidian office-life or your social arrangements: be it a date with your bae or instant hangout plans, but additionally, will totter the globe myself for you and impart hacks which will magnify your travelling experience. So hop along to witness the journey about how a hoi-pilloi master the art of being a partician.