The new normal: Mask it up with Hemp Foundation

Covid19 Pandemic has given us all a new accessory to add to our style statement. Masks have become a need; lately this necessity has become a style statement and has been upgraded to many designs, hues and styles to keep our style updated and fresh. Fashion lovers along with famous brands have found their way to make it sassier, more comfortable & supremely stylish.

Being a fashion enthusiast myself, I recently tried masks from my favorite Hemp Foundation, the first foundation in India, which has been given authority to cultivate hemp legally since 2017 by Uttarakhand Government. Hemp Foundation strongly believes that in long run, we can utilize this legalization to help insolvent farmers and artisans of the villages of Uttrakhand. Hemp Foundation aims to work on two major factors: Improving the lives of hemp farmers in India, and facilitating Eco-friendly consumption patterns worldwide.

Hemp products can make a huge difference to the environment in three important ways:

1. Curbing plastic pollution through the promotion of biodegradable hemp plastics

2. Easing the water crisis through hemp clothing

3. Combating deforestation through the promotion of hemp paper

Why Hemp Masks are safer?

Hemp face masks are a special initiative taken by the foundation to help people prevent the spread of Covid-19. These masks are made from 100% organically grown hemp, which is naturally resistant to microbes, making these masks more breathable & safer from other cotton masks available in the market.

Cleaning Your Hemp Mask

All you have to do is, soak your mask for 30-40 minutes in detergent water, rinse and wash. However, if you want additional disinfection, boil some water and soak the mask in it for 30 seconds. Then repeat the above process, and you are ready to reuse your mask again.

Sanitizing your hands before putting on your mask and after removing it is highly recommended.

Style It Up with Hemp

Hemp masks are designed meticulously keeping the style quotient in mind. I got these masks in three different colors and I can say from my experience they go well with almost every outfit. Planning to get your hands on these super breathable masks? Buy Now!

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