Body Building Basics: 30 DEADLIFT BENEFITS ft. Pallav Arora

Exercise Data:

  • Type: strength
  • Main muscle worked: lower back
  • Other muscles: calves, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lats, middle back, quadriceps, traps
  • Equipment: barbell
  • Mechanics type: multipart
  • Level: intermediate
  • Sport: yes
  • Force: pull

How to do a deadlift?

  1. Place the barbell on the ground and stand in front of it.
  2. Bend your knees, while keeping the back as straight as possible, grasp the bar using a medium overhand grip by bending forward. This will be your starting position.

(If difficult to hold on to the bar with this grip, try using wrist straps).

  • When you are holding the bar, start the lift by pushing with your legs while simultaneously getting your chest to the upright position as you breathe out; stick your torso out like in a military attention position.
  • Go back to the starting position by bending at the knees. At the same time, your chest should be leaned forward at the waist while your back should be straight.
  • You’ll be back at the starting position when the weights on the bar touches the floor and you are ready to perform another repetition.


This is not a light exercise, so if you have back problem then substitute it for a rowing motion instead. And if you have a healthy back then strictly follow the procedure and never round the back as it can cause you a back injury. If you are in doubt, then use less weight and be cautious.

You may also use dumbbells though the bar exercise is easier to perform but all depends on your comfort zone.


(Benefits of Deadlift)

  1. This is the best glute exercise.
  2. Deadlifts train the spine to remain stable even when you are exposed to high shear forces.
  3. Deadlifts are a total body exercise. They work from your head to toe.
  4. Short or tall, powerful and strong glutes makes you look attractive and thus confident.
  5. Only a few people can do a proper deadlift because it requires mobility from the hips, thoracic spine and ankles.
  6. Deadlifting is a great rotator cuff exercise, despite the fact thatit requires a lot from the lower body.
  7. Every athlete can improve at almost every dimension of their sport by becoming better at deadlifting.
  8. “My back is weak/sore” is a reason to do deadlifts and not a reason to avoid them.
  9. Your back gets ragged.
  10. Deadlifting increases your bench press.
  11. Science says Women can deliver babies easier by having control of the creation of intra-abdominal pressure, a strong pelvic floor, and can survive the rigours of delivery with fewer soft tissue injuries by having a strong deadlift prior to third trimester.
  12. Growth hormonal release is at its highest as it covers the greatest amount of muscle mass.
  13. It plays on muscle hypertrophy, thus adjusting and changing testosterone and growth hormones.
  14. Short lifters can develop more strength due to higher degrees of torque through shorter levers, whereas taller lifters can develop more velocity due to higher bar speeds at the same relative speed if measured in degrees per second at the hip joint, due to their longer levers.
  15. Marathon runners need to do deadlifts to develop a kick and to improve velocity, efficiency, stride length, and sprinting power, all things important to running fast and to make your body more efficient.
  16. Biceps are incredibly active during deadlifts, as they keep your elbow from distracting itself apart, and provide anterior shoulder stability. If you want arms, lift something heavy.
  17. It also improves your digestive system and you’ll have less stomach problems as the development of intra-abdominal pressure helps train pelvic floor muscles and stimulate the colon to produce peristaltic wave contractions.
  18. Heavy deadlifts, when done properly, can help retain and even gain strength and power through the entire body, which improves functional outcome measures in old age.
  19. It builds muscle thickness and density.
  20. Deadlifts have a greater effect on cardiopulmonary health than common cardio exercise.
  21. Deadlifts build the strength and stability of lumbar spinal muscles.
  22. It can develop depth and thickness to the upper traps and mid back.
  23. Fat burning capability is dependent on the metabolically active tissue, as well as the rate of activity within that tissue. By having extra muscle mass and by having it cranked up to high neural activity means you have a greater chance of burning fat and getting lean if you lift heavy.
  24. It’scalled the king of exercises because it builds an all-around powerful, muscular, shredded physique faster than any other exercise can.
  25. Deadlifts burn a ton of calories and absolutely blast body fat.
  26. Deadlifts build massive forearm and grip strength.
  27. Deadlifts improve posture.
  28. Deadlifts prevent injury. They strengthen the back and prevent lower back pain.
  29. Deadlifts can be an excellent cardiovascular conditioner.
  30. It’s cheap and easy. A lot of exercises require a lot of equipment,but the Deadlift requires Just a bar with some weight.

I personally spend 3 hours in gym every day, started training almost 3 years ago and still going strong with each passing day. I was 35 kgs, and super skinny, now I am 75kgs, a professional a body builder and have worked really hard to achieve where I am today. Let me know if you are also struggling, will be happy to share my journey of muscle gain with you all.

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