NorthEast India: Photo Gallery of 2019 Adventure


The best memory of 2019 is undoubtedly my travel story from Guwahti to Cherrapunji, a beautiful trek through the most dense forests in Monsoons, witnessing raw nature recreating its magic each time it poured. It was a life-changing experience, as this was my first trek ever, and now I can say I am ready to do this more often.

Sometime, the beauty of a destination is its journey, and that’s how I describe my visit to the North-east India, a never-ending, heart-warming journey, that has helped me transform as a person. I came back stronger, with a vision of how one can survive and find happiness in the smallest things in life. It was a difficult journey, yet the most beautiful path I have ever travelled.

We discovered this church on our way to the valley, and I still remember it was one of the oldest churches I have been to. This trip made me realize, that life is a journey and with each day you open a new chapter. I will be sharing the details of this trip in another blog, this is just a photo album, in the next one, you will find all the travelling and staying details.

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