World Health Organization: 13 Covid19 Myths Busted by WHO

Today, the world is battling with the life-taking Corona Virus. It is in times like these we all should spread maximum awareness amongst all to control the panic and chaos. There is no better source that World Health Organization to help us all with what and how we should take precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Also, to spread relevant information and not believe in anything that misleads the society.

  1. Are there any specific medicines to prevent or treat the new corona-virus?

2. Are antibiotics effective in preventing and treating the new corona-virus?

3. Does the new corona-virus affect older people, or are younger people more susceptible?

4. Can eating garlic help prevent infection with the new corona-virus?

5. Can regularly rinsing your nose with saline help prevent infection with the new corona-virus?

6. Do vaccines against pneumonia protect you against the new corona-virus?

7. Can spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body kill the new corona-virus?

8. How effective are thermal scanners in detecting people infected with the new corona-virus?

9. Can an ultraviolet disinfection lamp kill the new corona-virus?

10. Can the new corona-virus get transmitted through mosquito bite?

11. Can taking a hot bath prevent the new corona-virus?

12. Can cold water or snow kill the new corona-virus?

13. Is it difficult for the new corona-virus to spread in hot or humid areas?

Request you all to only follow the news and guidelines shared by World Health Organization on their official website. Please do not follow rumors, as they can be misleading. Let’s fight back Coronavirus with complete knowledge and precautions, let’s not make this situation any more worse than it already is as the virus is spreading like fire. Be safe, be well-read and don’t fall for misleading content. Let’s be as responsible as we all can in this difficult time of pandemic.

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