The Roseate: Perfect Place to take your date out for a Romantic Dinner

The Roseate is one of the most breathtaking and luxurious properties in Delhi. The only place where most of the movie shootings or soiree parties take place, earlier known as Devit Dusrana. The hotel property is an absolute beauty, one can’t stop gazing at the structure, interiors or surroundings, everything has been designed perfectly.

Creating a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere, The Roseate offers three cuisine based restaurants to dine at. I have tried two of them, and I must say that the property is a perfect blend of beauty and delectable taste.

Chi Ni, The Roseate

If you love authentic Chinese cuisine, then Chi Ni at The Roseate is your place. I was here for a candle light dinner date to celebrate my birthday last year, the place looked stunning at night. From their staircase to the entrance of the restaurant, the eatery was it up with fragmented candles making it look like a place out of the city, so romantic and just perfect to spend some quality time with your special someone. It was quiet, soothing light music was being played accompanied by a professional flute player, who was performing separately one by one on each table. It was magical, I could sit there for hours listening to the flute music, enjoying the ambiance and just eating delicious food.

We asked for recommendation from their manager to order food, after taking his assistance we decided upon ordering their aromatic crispy duck and wasabi prawns along with shrimp toast. For desserts we opted for, senses of chocolate, which was made from valrhona chocolate parfait, some chocolate soup, microwave chocolate cake, some chocolate candy and chocolate pearls. The dessert is heaven served in a plate for chocolate lovers like me, highly recommended on their menu.

Cost: 5000-7000/- for two.

Kiyan, The Roseate

PC: Pallav Arora

I was here last week itself, and it was one hell of an experience. I am head over heels in love with Kiyan, not because it is a part of The Roseate but because even if it wasn’t I would have still loved it as much as I do now. The place screams perfection, from their elaborated menu to authentic recipes, breathtaking ambience to warm hospitality, everything about Kiyan is going to make you fall in love with it. I celebrated my guy’s birthday here last week, we went out for a romantic lunch date, seems like we celebrate all out birthdays and special occasions at The Roseate.

Coming back to the restaurant, I would highly recommend this place for special occasions guys, as it is ridiculously expensive but I would say it is worth every penny. Anyhow, one should do fancy things on special days like these. Started my meal with a delectable Tom Kha Gai soup, consisted of Bangkok style chicken and coconut broth. We also tried their wild mushroom soup, cooked deliciously in truffle oil. If you are a huge fan of coconut curries like me, then Tom Kha Gai is your soup of the day, else wild mushrooms was also pretty amazing. You can try either of them , both tasted great in their respective places.

From their appetizers section my most favourite were Galauti Kebabs and Pathar ke Ghost. Damn, the word here is absolutely delicious. In the main course we loved their mutton curry, which is popularly known as Nihari. It was one of the softest and mouthwatering delicious mutton I have tried till now. I am certainly running out of words for this one, it was darn amazing.

From desserts, you can’t miss out their Kiyan Signature, it’s a toffee coffee pudding served with espresso caramel sauce. A perfect ending to a beautiful lunch date. My experience with Kiyan was ineffably good, I definitely visiting again without any occasion this time 🙂

PS: I went for lunch at Kiyan, but I believe The Roseate looks even more stunning at night.

Cost: 7000-10000/- for two.

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  1. Rajat Kumar says:

    Looks like a perfect place for a romantic date.
    Alas! We separated even before I could take her here.


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