Experiencing Detox Program with Zoe Nutrition for Life

I am that one kid in my house who was born with all the bad food habits. Like seriously guys, I tend to eat anything and everything that is just not doing good to my body. Thanks to Zoe Nutrition for Life, I am able to begin with the detox program assisted by their team of professionals.

If you guys are following me on Instagram, then you must be already aware that I have started their detox program wherein I have got a one-month detox plan along with a proper diet to lose PCOS weight, enhance metabolism and maintain my body healthy. I call them #detoxtuesdays and with this hashtag it will be easier for you all to find my posts on Instagram related to the entire diet plan. I have also done a small un-boxing video there, wherein you guys can see what all products do they provide in a 24 hours detox plan.

Started my day with their ginger drink and a sandalwood face pack, both of them were refreshing and perfect for a morning ritual. Not just for body, but it is great for your skin too. i planned to not apply any chemical infused products on my face for the day, and my skin felt absolutely amazing. No make-up days aren’t that bad after all 🙂

For the entire day, I has a maximum of 9 fluids inclusive of soups and instant drinks, 1 pack of raisin muesli which can be consumed with either yogurt or milk and an Ayurveda face pack to keep your skin glowing all-day long. I completed my detox day without a fail, which was unexpected and unbelievable, as I love food and I have never done any fasting in my life. I believe the conceptualization of moderate eating and detoxing your body is so amazing, as you neither fast not eat extra for a day. It’s outstanding guys, everyone must try to detox their body for at least once a week, and why not try out Zoe Nutrition for Life for the same. I did it, worked out beautifully for me and I hope the same for you.

I am gonna try it out for remaining 3 Tuesdays, follow me on Instagram to keep yourself updated on the same. I share all the updates there, hope it will help you make a healthy decision for yourself. Do follow me on Instagram guys, trust me I will make it worth your while 🙂

Loads and loads of love to you all,
Yishu Katyal

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