Bronson Professional: Mini Make-up Brushes Review

I have always been and I will always be a make-up fanatic. I love make-up, the only problem is, I am not that great with it. (please don’t laugh yet) By saying that I am not that great, I mean it. Almost a year ago, I did not know what brush do we use for what? Like seriously! Thanks to all the people who create make-up videos on I can proudly say that now I am aware. Not like a pro or something, but definitely a good beginner who knows what’s required.

I love drugstore makeup, firstly because it’s affordable, secondly it’s easily available on online as well as offline stores of local markets, third it doesn’t give a heart attack when you lose it or break it. And I am someone who hated spending a huge amount on make-up as I am learning.

I got this super cute set of 12 mini makeup brushes from Bronson Professional on for just Rupees 250/- Isn’t that a steal? I got to know about these from one of my friends, she tried learning quite a few makeup looks with these brushes and they turned out to work really well for her, so I thought why not to try them and let you guys also know if they are worthy.

What all I loved about the product?

Cost Effective: It’s cheap guys, you can’t get a set or 12 makeup brushes anywhere else at the price of 250/- Rupees. I mean originally, they are of 500/- but even then it’s economical. Especially for beginners, I think they are giving out a great deal. You just can’t miss it πŸ™‚

Brushes Quality: The quality of the brushes is also good, as compared to their price. I was dicey while buying them, but now that I have them I can swear by the quality. So, one of the best picks for beginners.

Finishing: As you can see in the pictures above, I did my makeup using these brushes and it went really well for me. I used 3 or 4 out of 12, and they were pretty amazing.

I had a pretty good experience with these drugstore brushes, hope you are gonna have a good one too πŸ™‚ Please let me know if you have also tried them out, and how well did it do for you? Because I have just used them twice yet and they are pretty good as of now!

Photography Credits: Pallav Arora.

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