Mental Health: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay!

What is Mental Health? Does it mean that a person is going crazy? Or just losing his/her mind? Or maybe it’s nothing but emotional or psychological imbalance? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all of your answers here today.

Mental Health is one of the most sensitive and self-destructive issues that we come across, it plays a vital role in our life. Mental Health reflects our actions, feelings and definitely affects the way our mind processes. There are many other factors that depend on our Mental Health, from how you think to how you handle stress, how you make choices and especially how you conduct yourself with others.

How to detect if someone is having Mental Health issues?

There are numerous factors to demonstrate whether a person is going through mental illness, make sure you know them before it strikes.

Eating Disorder: There will be times the person is going to eat all day long and then on the very next day he/she isn’t gonna feel like eating.

Dysfunctional Sleeping Pattern: This could happen with almost every one battelling mental health issues. From sleeping for 20 hours to not being able to sleep for even an hour a day.

Mood Swings: Fighting terribly with family or friends, feeling low on energy all the time, feeling forgetful or confused.

Inability to perform daily tasks: Struggling to go to work or accomplishing everyday tasks like waking up, bathing, getting ready to move out.

Feeling Depressed: Having persistent thoughts or visuals in your head that makes you feel anxious, sad or unworthy. Sometimes you visualize things forcefully to feel bad about yourself. Some people also try to harm themselves emotionally or physically, could be suicidal in some situations.

Unexpressive Pains: One might feel pains in areas or body parts that are not verbally expressive. Such pains are intolerable and mostly uncurable with medication as they are occurring only to self-harm.

Understanding Depression

Depression is an ineffable state of being. It is something one can only personally experience rather than putting it into words. Depression leads to a state of tremendous imbalance between the body and mind. It is very important for people to understand that depression is an illness and not a character flaw or weakness or personal failing of somebody’s life.

Over the years we have witnessed the increased cases of people fighting with mental illness and depression, but we fail to understand the root of it due to which we constraint ourselves from helping out. It is very important for every individual to understand the concept of it, as anyone can be affected. It could be you, your family member or friends, one should be aware of the cause and its occurrence.

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