At Home Salon: BBlunt Hair Colour Review

I love experimenting with my hair, especially by trying out new hair colours. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. My original hair colour is a blend of chocolate & honey brown, it’s beautiful but due to early greying, I had to start colouring at a very early age.

I was very afraid when I coloured my hair for the first time, but now I enjoy it. It’s beautiful to see how one can change his/her entire look just by playing with the hair. I have only trusted Lo’real for my hair, for years I have only used Lo’real hair colour until now.

I switched my hair colour to BBlunt India almost two months ago, and I have no plans of using any other brand now. Wanna know why? Read on.

Colour Resistance

The hair colour claims 8 weeks of no greying and for me, it was a shocker because I have been colouring my hair every month due to grey roots. But to my surprise, it worked on my hair. I was happy, shocked and a part of didn’t believe it but yes my hair have been holding on to the colour it’s almost 8 weeks now since I last used it.

Shine Tonic

So, the best part about BBlunt India is that they provide one extra tube with the colour and developer, and that tube is the game changer here. The shine tonic is what that makes BBlunt colour range stand out. The tonic works magically on hair, it leaves your hair soft and shiny, your hair looks healthier after using the brand, which is unbelievable yet true. I experienced it myself, so I swear by BBlunt India.

Less Usage & More Coverage

I have heavy hair due to which, whenever I plan to global colouring for my hair it consumes almost 3 packs of colour. This time it required only 1.5 packs, which to my surprise was amazing, shocking and unbelievable at the same time. Never been this happy. Not just the brand provides great coverage but the quantity of the product is admirable. So, for a person who has normal growth, it might take less than one pack to colour from roots to length.

Cost Effective

The hair colour is available at the most competitive prices, it is one of the most affordable hair colours in the market. As compared to other quality assured brands like Lo’real Paris or Revlon, this one is available at half of their cost and gave me better results. So, why on earth will I use anything else?

Fine Range of Temporary Hair Colour Spray

Not just this, the brand also has come up with an exclusive range of temporary hair colour spray. The one-night stand collection is something you can’t miss to have if you are as crazy as me when it comes to experimenting with your hair. I chose the blue velvet hair colour and it looks absolutely stunning. All you have to do is, spray it to the lengths or wherever you wish to some people like it only on one hair string, me, on the other hand, tried colouring the complete ends, and it was just what I wanted. The colour blends perfectly, stay without leaving a stain and it’s perfect for the days when you wish to change your look for a night party of a lunch date. Just spray, let it dry and flaunt it until next wash. Now, you can play with your hair whenever you want without booking a salon appointment. Isn’t that a dream come true?

I am a BBlunt fanatic, not just for its normal range of colours but also for this temporary hair colour spray concept the brand has come up with, I have tried these products on myself before reviewing and they worked out well for me. But everything that works for me doesn’t mean it will work out as gracefully for you too, so please try it using on a small portion of your hair before applying it fully. PS: Everybody has different texture and hair quality, so it might or might not do well on your hair. Please do try before applying it on full growth.

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