Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Dineout: #MonthOfLove

Founded n 2012, Dineout is one of the most reliable table reservation apps in India. The beauty of the app is that it offers you over 6000 restaurants across the country to choose from at the most competitive prices.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can save maximum in the #MonthOfLove by eating out at the most luxurious places. Let’s get started with all the hacks that will help you save more while booking from Dineout.

1. The first and foremost thing is to sign up and get Rupees 500/- in your Dineout wallet, which can be further used to avail the services.

2. Referrals play a huge role, get Rupees 200 more just by referring it to your friends. Isn’t that great?

3. Not just that, you also get 5% extra whenever you add money to your Dineout wallet. Add less, get more 😉

4. Save more pay less. Yes, you read that perfectly right! Every time you pay your bill through Dineout Pay, you also get 20% cashback, up to Rupees 300 in your Dineout wallet. #SaveMorePayLess

5. Check out the exclusive deals and every time you buy one, you get 20% cash back in your Dineout wallet. What else one could ever ask for?
Also, if you are an HDFC bank holder and purchase any deal using your bank account, then you get 50% cashback up to Rupees 75/- on every transaction and Rupees 150/- throughout February on booking amount. Dineout you are the modern world Cupid 😉

6. Grab FLAT 50% off on Gourmet Passport membership throughout GIRF!

Let’s try & understand this better with a small example.

Supposedly, you are planning to take your family out for dinner and you start to find places that serve the best buffet because of your Punjabi pallet and you know your dad loves to try out a slew of dishes. The plan is all sorted, you are all set to surprise them and you take one second just to calculate the bill in your head. And you realize that surprising them with a gift would be less expensive than taking the entire family out for dinner. No, you don’t have to cancel anything. Here’s what you need to do.

Firstly, download the Dineout app and sign up on it, then get Rs. 500 in your Dineout wallet. Now you refer the app to another friend and get Rs. 200 more in your wallet. Go on and add a lump sum amount of let’s say 3000/- in your wallet, you get 5% more of that amount. So now you have Rs. 3850 in your wallet (500+200+3150). So now, after spending Rs. 3000, you have earned Rs. 800 extra with DINEOUT.

The second step is to purchase two 50% off total bill deals of, for instance, Rs. 50 and you choose to use your HDFC Debit/Credit card to pay for that to avail 50% Cashback up to Rs. 75 on the booking fee. Wait up, you are about to save more and more here!

Next step is to pay your bill using Dineout Pay, to get another 20% cashback of up to Rs. 300.

So now if your bill is, let’s assume, Rs. 5000, you’ll just have to pay Rs. 1575 for that. #SaveMorePayLess with Dineout!

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