Travel LookBook: Staycation at Heritage Village, Manesar

I chose to celebrate my Christmas Eve at one of the luxurious properties in Manesar, Heritage Village Resort. The place is at two hours drive from my home, the property is as beautiful as it looks in the pictures and is definitely a must visit for people who love ethnicity.

I was here for just Christmas Night, so I had to pack light. Winters are my favourite, I just love this season. Especially because I am a sucker for boots, I literally used to save money from my lunch and buy boots when I was in college. So, you can imagine my obsession now. For my first look, I chose a crop top and an oversized camouflage jacket, which I got from the men-wear collection of Forever21. Another thing you all must know about me is, that I love shopping from men clothing sections, especially winter collection. I love those baggy sweatshirts, over-sized hoodies and comfy jackets.

In this look, the jacket is from Forever21 Men, the sheer crop top is worn with a sports bra beneath paired with a fitted pair of black jeggings.

As I reached the resort, I changed into this stunning skater dress by along with my favourite pair of boots by the same brand. This was my most favourite look of the trip.

This is a gorgeous Christmas Special skater dress which complimented my apple shape body, and I just love this look. I wore it with sheer stockings and camel tone heel boots. To accentuate the look, I just added a pair of glasses.

In the evening for Christmas Night I again wore a red dress, but this one is completely different from the previous one. It’s a wrap around front slit maxi dress which I tried to pair with two types of heels, one if a peep toe and the other one is with my boots. I kinda liked the later one more, but I have received mixed reactions for both so here look for yourself, and do let me know which one was better.

Do not forget to tell me which one did you like more?

Now, after listening to delightful folk music and enjoying a scrumptious dinner at the poolside, I was tired enough to get some sleep because we had an early morning.

Next day, I chose to go for breakfast in my little black dress because you always dress for yourself and not others. (PS: We had to leave a little early for a Christmas Carnival so we I literally had no time)

Whatsoever, a woman is never over-dresses. Okay? I am wearing this front zipper dress by Origami Lily. I literally did no make-up yet felt so dressed-up, maybe that’s the thing about LBDs, they make you look so glamorous.

I explored the property again because I ate so much in the breakfast buffet that I needed to walk. The more I explored the property, the more I fell in love with it. That’s all for now, do tell me what you feel about the entire lookbook in the comment section.

Loads of Love,
Yishu Katyal

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