Hotel Review: Christmas Getaway to Heritage Village Resort, Manesar

Christmas Eve is one of the most celebrated festivals of the year, the vibes, the decoration, there is a sense of happiness in the surroundings. I have always believed in Santa, and I still do and I always will, so for me, Christmas is the most positive and cheerful time of the year. I just love eating plum cakes, decorating my own Christmas Tree, sending gifts to loved ones and what not.

This year, I celebrated my Christmas at Heritage Resort, Manesar. I live in Delhi, so it was just like a two hours drive from my place. I started my journey around 10 in the morning and easily reached the destination around 12 noon, which is absolutely great because those who live in Delhi know the traffic goes really crazy here, especially in the office hours. I am absolutely in love with the ethnic property. Structured like a village, there is nothing rural about the place. It’s sheer luxury guys! Don’t trust me? Visit yourself!

You will be welcomed with fold music played by some locals at the entrance, making your way to the reception, from where you can witness the beautiful poolside connected to the huge ground. The area is perfect for destination weddings, one can plan a very beautiful Indian Wedding here. From your poolside Mehendi ceremony to set the stage on fire on Sangeet night, one can literally experience a very comfortable yet lavish wedding here. The place is just perfect for couples who love day weddings, I personally visualized it in my head and everything looked so pretty.

The hotel rooms are divided into three categories, deluxe rooms which are perfect for people who are on a budget, club rooms, for the ones who like to keep it slightly luxurious yet affordable and last but the most gorgeous suites, for the ones who only travel first class.

We chose club rooms, they were beautiful from the inside. The interior was exquisite, with a hint of traditional touch these modern rooms were just what I was looking for in a place like Heritage. The place is a perfect example of luxury meeting traditions, it will remind you a lot about Jaipur and its people. The property looks breathtaking gorgeous at night, we failed to take a picture though. (blame the alcohol)

Even in the afternoon, the property looks damn beautiful. I would highly recommend this property to all those who live in Delhi & NCR. It is definitely a must visit, also it could be a suitable place for a destination wedding.

Loads of Love & a very Happy New Year,
Yishu Katyal

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