How does eating Double Breakfast helps you lose weight?

According to the latest study, it is proved that in order to maintain your health and avoid to binge on mid-morning snacks, one should instead eat double breakfast. By double breakfast, we don’t mean eating eggs and pancakes twice (because it will surely not help you lose any weight), it states that we should start our day with a glass of milk along with some nuts or a fruit.

After running your errands and getting ready for work, you should have your proper breakfast, which could be anything from scrambled eggs to South Indian delight to delicious pancakes or maybe stuffed paranthas with a glass of fresh juice. It is proved that this routine can help you lose weight quicker than you can ever imagine. It helps you satiate your binge cravings, keeps you full till lunchtime and helps you consume more nutritions.

Healthy breakfast – Toast with avocado and egg

This theory was studied on 600 children for almost two years, and hence its proven that it works effectively. If you are tired of those deadly diet plans, then you must start eating twice in the morning and lose weight by enjoying your favourite breakfast.

I have been trying this on myself, and I must admit I have lost quite a few inches and body weight too. If you follow it with all your heart, you tend to lose weight a lot faster than you can ever imagine. Have a great day ahead!

Yishu Katyal.

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