5 Ways to Treat Body Acne

Body Acne was one of the major problems I have been suffering from, since my teenage, by the way, I am 26 years old now. It’s been years and I can finally say I found some effective ways to not just make it go for a while but to treat them sincerely from the roots. 

Acne makes your skin look ugly, unhygienic and extremely painful. I have grown up facing the same since my teenage, and it somehow killed my self-confidence in a way that I couldn’t boldly wear the clothes of my choice. Forget rocking a bikini!

I am glad to tell you guys, that I can finally say my body is acne free. Well, after years of suffering and multiple failures of home remedies and dermatology treatments from the best doctors, I can proudly say I won over acne and my body feels so much better, both from the inside and outside.

If you have been going through the same, then you are in the right place. I am listing below the ways to eradicate these ugly small parasites from your skin.

Epsom Salt

Not many of us know about Epsom salt, it is a magical ingredient that helps an individual to treat body acne, muscle pain and many other skin related problems. It is a blessing to me, trust me when I say this guys, if you have body acne and there is no medicine or no treatment that is affecting you then you must try Epsom bathing salt.

I started using it almost 3 months ago, at that time I was so annoyed and frustrated with my painful body acne as it started to grow in between my breasts i.e cleavage area. I was so uncomfortable, then one day I was watching all the random videos on YouTube related to body acne and its treatment, there I found this YouTuber who was suffering from the same and she strongly recommended Epsom Salt. I gave it a try, it started to show its effects within 3 weeks. So, yes I would highly recommend this product to my readers who are suffering from this horrendous problem. 

Neem Water

Neem water is probably the worst thing you’ll ever drink, but it is again the most effective element when it comes to acne treatment. Neem leaves fight acne from its roots, if you start to have a cup of neem water everyday in the morning, then your body can be acne free within months. It is the most bitter thing you can ever taste, but it tends to be the best skin purifier.

Mud Bath

Though there are many mud masks and soaps available in market but I would still recommend fresh mud. Take bath using mud as your soap and scrub for at least once every week, you will eventually witness clear and even tone skin within a few weeks.

It not just helps in acne treatment, it also helps in removing the never-leaving scars from our body. Mud is one of the best ingredient for healthy skin, it is the best cleanser.

Aloe Vera Gel

Again, there are many products available in the market but I would strictly recommend fresh aloe vera gel extracted from the plant. My dermatologist recommended this to me and trust me it works the best on every skin type.

aloe juice drop close up

From oily to dry to patchy to a combination skin, anyone can use it at any time. It works as a soap, cleanser, moisturizer and what not. A complete package that can grow in your backyard and help you have the skin of your dreams.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil helps in the reduction of acne and the horrifying spots it leaves on your skin. One of the most highly recommended solutions for body or face acne. It is again very effective and suits all skin types. My grandmother suggested me to use it a few months back, and I must say it worked out pretty well for me as none of my painful acne left any marks and went away silently without leaving any dark spots on my body. All thanks to Tea Tree Oil.

I am hoping I would have been of some help, as I am sufferer too. I have been going through this problem for years and finally when I can say my body is acne free, it was my responsibility to share it with all of my beautiful readers out there. If you guys know any other remedies, which are useful and can benefit somebody, then you must share them in the comments section below.

Yishu Katyal

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