The Best of Fab Bag Products

After witnessing all the buzz Fab Bag has created on social media, I was forced to gift a 3 months subscription to myself. (lol that’s just an excuse to shop) I was so excited to receive my first ever Fab Bag, and it turned out amazing for me, I loved almost everything I got in the bag, which was totally unexpected. Then in the next two months as well, the products that I received were pretty amazing, and I have also re-purchased many of them. So, today I thought of why not to list the best ones I have received so far from my favourite Fab Bag‘s three months subscription.

Sugar Cosmetics


I had heard so much about Sugar, but thanks to Fab Bag I was able to use them for the first time. I am in love with their lipsticks, especially the liquid ones (berry is my favourite). Also, their mascara and mini lip shades that I have received so far are just wow. I am head over heels with this brand and have bought so many other products after trying a few from my fab bag. If you love liquid lipsticks just like I do, then you must try Sugar. Also, their eyeshadow palettes are worth a try, I am in awe of all the shades I have bought so far.

Bio-Bloom Face Moisturizer


I only go for moisturizers which have soul-satisfying fragrances, and this one stole my heart. It worked amazingly on my skin, great resistance and a fragrance I can totally go crazy about. I am a fan of this product and have also repurchased it twice as I apply moisturizer in great quantity (please don’t judge :P) I hare dryness anywhere on my body or hands, so I prefer to keep my body perfectly moisturized. If you are a fanatic for such delightful fragrances, then this could be your perfect moisturizer. Must try 😉

Bolly-Glow Face Masks


I am not a big fan of masks, and I have tried many but failed to have a perfect one for my skin. But to my surprise bolly-glow worked out pretty well for me, it came in my second fab bag, which was their 6th Anniversary special. I loved this mask sheet, it was not slipping away, literally made my skin feel better and I have also repurchased it. Thank you Fab BAG for introducing me to these magical mask sheets.

Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks


I received this pack of 10 mini lipsticks from Seduction Las Vegas in my third month Fab Bag Subscription, and the collection is an absolute success. I didn’t expect them to be as good as they turned out to be, the resistance on lips is unbelievable. I recently wore their rust shade on Diwali, and it stayed on my lips until midnight without a single touch up, which was surprisingly wonderful and totally unexpected. They are definitely a must try people!

Tvakh Hair Growth Concentrate


This product is a blessing for people who face excessive hair fall or early baldness. M mom has been using it for almost 3 months now, and the results are impressive. Totally a must have for people who have scalp issues or hair-growth problems.

These products are some of my favourites from Fab Bag Subscription, also they recently gifted me a Manna Kadar lipstick, which was again a very nice product. I hadn’t heard about Manna Kadar before, but now I literally have purchased many other lip colours from the brand. I believe Fab Bag introduces you to brands that are not that famous but are amazing when it comes to quality. It’s something that I genuinely love about Fab Bag subscriptions. Hoping that you enjoyed the blog post if you have any inputs or suggestions then please share them in the comment sections below.



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  1. That’s awesome, I’ve seen reviews on Fab Bag and they’re all great


    1. I’m glad that you liked all the reviews ❤ Keep reading for more ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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