Top 10 Colour Trends for Fall/Winter 2018

Olive Green: Like every year, this colour has always been season’s favourite. With more of military green touchdown to a golden undertone, this is your go-to colour until next summer. Don’t forget to wear your best leather with it!


Cherry Red: Another classic, which will never go out of style. If you love retro fashion, then you must not miss having this one in your wardrobe. Definite to enhance tulle, velvet and satin, just what you need for a dinner date.


Whisky Brown: Just like liquor, this colour has warmth in it. The natural hue is sure to become your office best friend. Don’t forget to get a matching stole πŸ™‚


Fuchsia Pink: This one has always been a shocker, not everybody loves this colour or is bold enough to carry it, but it’s a hit among famous designers. And is definitely not leaving anytime soon. Euphoric when worn from head to toe, or maybe just a creative detail would do.


Russet Orange: Fall’s classic hue, the colour stands out loud with its vitaminic yet daring effect. Plan to wear a suit anytime soon? Try and keep it vibrant in orange and you’ll witness turning all the heads wherever you go!


Sapphire Yellow: Uplifting all the classic patterns, this hue goes well with both prints and checkered styles. Especially if we talk about Fall/Winter fashion, this is your go-to colour for a day out for shopping!


Lilac Lavender: Pastel tone, soothing light yet adding character to all your bold and intricate outfits. This colour is everything you need to have in your fall/winter wardrobe. A jumpsuit or a coat in this colour could be your best picks πŸ™‚


Metallic: Metallics are fall/winter’s favourites. You just can’t afford to not have them in your collection, they are bold, futuristic and make a statement effortlessly.


Subtle Amond: The underdog hue of Fall/Winter colour list is the subtle almond. The shade is warm, easy to carry & soft, it is the colour of romance.


Digital Blue: This one is the colour of all the social networks, it is a fine blend of tech-love & futuristic approach. The colour is vibrant, bold & a stunner even when worn alone. Definitely, a must have!

We are hoping that the list helps you all to fill in your Fall/Winter wardrobe of 2018-19 with the perfect hues. Have an Autumn fill with warmth & love Y’all!

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