6 Reasons to Stay at Ramada when in Amritsar

Amritsar is a beautiful holy city located in the Punjab region of India. There are so many people who visit Amritsar every month just to pay their respects at Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, which is popularly known as The Golden Temple.


They say no matter what you pray for, your every wish comes true here if prayed with good intentions and a pure heart. The gurudwara is considered to be the most important and holiest pilgrimage site in Sikhism. The temple welcomes people from all castes and creeds, is build around a Sarovar (a man-made pool), which was completed by Guru Ram Das in 1577. The Golden Temple is spiritually the most significant shrine in the history of Sikhism, which is why is the most worshipped and believed place in India.

People come here from different parts of the world, they find peace and solace spending time at this holy place. Other than Golden Temple, Amritsar is also known for its embroidery, which includes Phulkari, Punjabi Suits, Juttis, Patiala and many other beautiful things. Also, if we talk about food you’ll find authentic food at the cheapest prices here. Now, the question arises “Where to stay?”


Ramada, Amritsar is my favourite place to stay when it comes to visiting Golden Temple and spending some quality time in the city. The hotel is a beautiful property, with a stunning swimming pool and a delectable buffet. Not just that much, we have several reasons to give y’all to stay at Ramada when in Amritsar 😉

5 Minutes Walking Distance from the Property

The hotel is just 5 minutes away from the Golden Temple, yes you read it absolutely right! It’s at a walking distance, you don’t even need a rickshaw. Also, even if you need any convenience for someone who’s old in the family, the hotel has their cars or you will find a rickshaw just outside the hotel area. After boarding one, it just takes 2 minutes for you to reach the destination.


The hotel is literally 10 minutes away from the main market, isn’t it the best thing ever? Imagine, less time to waste more time to shop and eat ram-ladoos 😛 I have been to Amritsar for numerous times, and have been staying in the same place ever since. We visit the temple twice sometimes even thrice a day, especially at night it looks so beautiful. And it’s a delightful walk!


Playful Pool Time

Ramada, Amritsar has a wonderful pool area. The pool is always clean, you can have a good bath and spend some great time swimming.


I personally spend most of the time in the pool area, though they have strict pool timings yet it makes my vacation more relaxing and fun. I think it’s really important for any luxurious property to have a well-maintained pool, it’s that one attraction that never goes unnoticed.

Scrumptious Food

Food is that one major factor, which can literally make me fall in love with any property and Ramada seems to have made me fallen in love with their expertise. I usually get up late and miss my buffet breakfast most of the times, so I always end up ordering food to my room.


Their chicken biryani, dal makhani and naan is my go-to meal, it’s heavenly delicious you guys! My mouth is literally watering right now, it is the most delicious thing you’ll have. So, next time when in Amritsar just try it out, and thank me later 🙂

The Big Buffet

I don’t miss it all the time guys, so I also love their buffet. It is an elaborated buffet, wherein you’ll find almost everything from Bacon to scrambled eggs, butter toast, fresh juice, coffee, tea, paranthas, idlis, omelette, and what not. If you are a smart human being unlike me, you won’t miss it for the world. And, let me tell you one more thing, everything I have named above is delicious, there’s nothing in their buffet that you can say no to. Don’t trust me? Try it yourself 😉

Near To The Airport & Railway Station

It takes hardly 15 minutes for one to reach the airport from Ramada, Amritsar via car. And this is when traffic is included (yaaaaaaaaaaas). Also, from Amritsar Junction Railway Station it is nearly two kilometres, which is about 5 minutes distance. So, your commute becomes really easy, and you don’t have to lag with your luggage around the city.

Value For Money

The rooms are not that expensive, as compared to the other luxurious properties and the kind of services they provide. If you book it a little early, then it will cost you even cheaper so I would say it is value for money.

Ever been to Amritsar? Have you stayed at Ramada? How was your experience? Planning to visit The Golden Temple anytime soon? Well, please share your experiences with me guys! Would love to know your stories 🙂 Comment Comment Comment!

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