PreciousYou: Your One-stop Online Destination to buy Exclusive Jewellery

I have always been a fan of Afghan inspired jewellery, but at the same time it’s not easy to find a store that sells out authentic products. Either the shine easily goes away or they tend to break in just a few days, but thanks to PreciousYou I have finally been able to shop from a place that sells guaranteed products at reasonable prices.

I have shopped thrice from their online store, and the product was delivered to me within three days of placing the order, which was just fantastic. As a buyer, all I need from an E-commerce store is that they cater quality assured products at reasonable prices and they deliver it on time.

Even before when I purchased from them, I was impressed to see how quick their response was towards my query. As a start-up, not every brand is that cautious in terms of customer satisfaction. After all, it’s easy to get a customer on board for the first time, it makes you a good brand only when the same customer comes back to the brand again.

DU0A2166_1024x1024 (2).jpg

As I told you, I have already shopped thrice from them in a timespan of just two months.
First time I did shopping was for my mom, she loves silver jewellery and I got her a very elegant pendant from that she really loved. The second time, I got myself an Afghani Choker Necklace, which looks absolutely stunning with almost every outfit. It’s somewhere in between boho and chic, which I love the most.

Recently, I got an extravagant bracelet from PreciousYou, for one of my shoots and it truly did justice with my look. I must say, the quality of their jewellery is applause-worthy. Not just that, I believe their jewellery designs are exquisite and out-of-the-box. I haven’t seen ant other online jewellery store selling the kind of jewellery PreciousYou does, which is that one thing that attracts me as a buyer.

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