RubyWoo: One of the most over-rated lip shades of the millennium!?

Mac Cosmetics are undoubtedly the best in terms of quality, diverse collection and the kind of variety that they cater to the beauty addicts out there. The brand name is just enough to woo any woman out there, irrespective of their age, occupation, colour or any such substance you differ them. But they all share this one love in the world of cosmetics and that’s none other than MAC.

MAC indeed has proven its worth and has earned value in the fashion world like no other brand, which is why I was highly disappointed with one of their insanely famous and best seller lip colours ever Ruby Woo. It defies to woo me!

The only lip-colour I had great expectations from and gifted it to myself on my birthday, which turned out to be the worst choice for my lips. I am still wondering why it didn’t work out for me just like it does for millions of women out there (I believe that is how it became the most popular red ever in the history of lipsticks). It makes my lips chappy and dry in a way that even lip balm does not work out after applying it. It just does not work on my lips no matter what I do, and how I put it. Trust me when I say this, I have tried every method to make it look better. The colour looks so good on my skin tone, it elevated my face like magic but makes my lips cry at the same time.

I personally found it highly over-rated and wastage of money, because if a brand like this fails, then it hurts my heart so bad that I can’t even explain it to you guys. It was a disastrous fail ever!

Has this ever happened with any one of you too? Like, maybe a famous brand or a particular product which happens to work out perfectly fine for the entire world but just not you? Well, it would be great if you guys can share any such experience of yours? I might feel slightly better 🙂

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