September Fab Bag Review 2018: Celebrating 6 Years of Success

Hey Guys! Finally, I have officially used all the products in September’s Fab Bag, which was their 6th anniversary special, and I am so excited to share my experience with you all. As always, the fab bag is one of the most exciting things in every subscriber’s life, as it comes as a surprise gift every month.  And, I don’t know about you all but I love surprises, especially if they have anything to do with makeup 😉

So, now without any more delay, I am gonna list all the products below along with each one of their’s review. Also, I know that I am always too late to share my experience with all of you but it’s only because I use every product for a few days so that I could be honest with my readers. Hope you guys understand! So here you go!

  1. Sugar It’s A Pout Vivid Mini Lipstick 02 – Breathtaking Bare (Rs.270/- for 1.7 grams)

So, I love Sugar and their entire lipstick collection. Like I am a crazy fan guys! Every colour that they provide in their collection is so gorgeous that I am planning to buy all of them soon. I loved the texture of this collection, it stays on your lips for a longer duration as compared to their liquid lip colours. Though I found it slightly overpriced as the size of the lipstick is really very small (and that was a disappointment for me) but the colour is just so gorgeous that I love it.

2. Sugar Uptown Curl Waterproof Mascara – 01 Black Beauty (Full Size: Rs.499/-)

First of all, I couldn’t find any link for this product anywhere so maybe it’s just not available in the entire online market. But, I would say it’s no big deal too. Love Sugar, but this mascara is no less than a disaster for the brand. It’s not waterproof, it is so sticky that my lashes were heavy and most importantly this mascara does not do anything other than making your lashes feel tired of its squishiness. This product is a total fail by the brand, and it breaks my heart 😦 Some of you might like it, but I am just reviewing them on the basis of my experience, so, request you all to share your experiences too. That would be fun!

3. The Herbal Blend Rejuvenating Face & Body Scrub (Full Size: Rs.580)


Fab Bag gives me a favourite scrub every month and I love it. This scrub, by The Herbal Blend, works great on my skin. You all should know that my skin is acne prone, and it so sensitive that I get blusters when something does not suit my skin. So, thankfully it worked out beautifully on mine, hoping it works out for you too. Just a small complaint with this one, the quantity they provide and the amount they are charging could a be an issue for some of you. It is for me too, as I found it over-priced. And I hate that the most about any brand, otherwise the product is super amazing you guys! And it’s a must try!

Also, sadly I couldn’t find a direct link for this product so I have given their Instagram link. Hope that works 🙂

4. Ohria Raatrani & Mint Facial Mist (Rs. 360/- for 500ml)

I love facial mists, I literally have so many from Kama Ayurveda and Tijori already but I tried this one for about two weeks and I would say I am impressed. It works great on my skin, the fragrance is so good and it leaves my skin so fresh and rejuvenated. A perfect hydrator, not so heavy on the skin and you can also use it as a toner. Definitely, a must buy!

5. BollyGlow Bamboo Street Face Mask (Full Size 195/-)


I am generally not a huge fan of masks, I have always experienced terrible fails but this one was better than what I have used earlier. It was well crafted, actually soothes skin and most importantly does not fall off your face like rest of them. I was able to work, do my stuff after applying it, and yes it worked amazingly on my face. It was clear, the skin was radiant and my nose was shiny (in a good way).

6. Sebamed Olive Face & Bodywash )Rs.67/- for 20ml)

Sebamed is a brand that provides pharmaceutically approved products, and their olive face & body wash is an extra mild cleansing formula specifically created for sensitive & acne prone skin. It also says that it does not contain soap, which is great. It actually worked out well for me, as I told you earlier my skin is super sensitive and highly prone to acne. This formula is a gift for those with acne prone skin, if you have it then this should be your go-to product for swift relief.

I am hoping that my review would have helped you all, and please don’t forget to leave your comments below as I need them the most. Tell me if these products worked out for you or your review for these is exactly like mine. Or maybe you can just tell me if you need some specific reviews on a particular brand/product, will be happy to do it. Happy Friday guys! Have a good one 😉

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