Luxury Weekend Getaways From Delhi: Pack your bags & leave! NOW!

Trust us, we get it! We understand how tedious it is to stay consistent while chasing your dreams. We get it when you drive back from work on a Friday night, why all you crave for is a hydrotherapy in a jacuzzi with a wine next to you! And believe us, we definitely know that you want to jump-start your day pretty late to maintain the sanctity of “Weekend”, for these 48 hours is what you look up to as your source of solace.

But, amidst being entangled with routine commitments and managing the race with the clock to meet endless deadlines, the idea of a vacation, more than a far cry, seems absurd to you. So what good is a “Source of Solace” when it can’t bring out the results in its full potential?

To encounter this impasse, we would like to introduce you to the five magnificent estates nearby which will invigorate you to step into the “Mundane-Monday” with an enriched vibe:

Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace

This road trip incorporates an experience of a lifetime. Holding a deep historical value, this place will provide you with the best of both worlds, as you get to witness the 15th century from close quarters in a modernized environment.


It’s a sprawling fourteen tier property which, believe it or not, was revamped from ruins, but still is blessed with dense greenery at every sight. Known primarily, inter alia, for its camel ride, hanging gardens, the first Zip Line in India and delicious cuisines, this property sums up to be a perfect stay for the weekend being only 100-some-Kms away from Delhi.



Stay at Vivaan, the luxurious edifice that no eye can afford to miss while plying at NH-1, is quintessential of a refined and patrician choice of vacation.

This humongous estate offers an ongoing list of facilities and experiences, which you just cannot afford to miss, like amongst others, this estate is known for its cultured and elegant hotel rooms with facilities like fridge, WiFi and attached bathrooms etc., a rich layered urban bar and an elegant banquet, routine events and fests, the American breakfast that they serve every morning and the courteous staff which are available at your beck and call.



Experience at Chokidhani is a blend of luxury, comfort and culture. Approximately 60 kilometres from Delhi, one can reach the new attraction of Sonipat, which brings you the impression of culture and heritage of Rajasthan just a few hours away from your doorstep.

2 (1)

Not only the estate reflects non-parariel state of beauty, but the same is also the case with their hospitality. You’ll enter Chokidhani with a warm welcome by the staff present their who’ll greet you by saying “Raam Raam Saa/ Sethani Saa, padharo maharey desh” which translates to “Hello sir/madam, welcome to my land”, with their hands folded.


Further, the decoration of the place combined with activities like folk dance, camel/bullock rides, puppet and other game shows will always keep you entertained. But the list doesn’t end here! The cuisine of Chokidhani his highly revered. Especially it’s jumbo thali which is served with approx. 20 dishes – including daal bhati churma, kichri, bajra ki roti etc.

Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley, Manesar


Hotel Lemon tree seems to be synonymous with opulence and grandeur. To maximize its customer’s gratification, the hotel provides with elite and modern fashioned rooms, whereat each room opens to terrace with seating facilities. Moreover, facilities like a minibar and tea/coffee-making machines, air conditioner and a flat screen T.V in each room are also available!


Further, we all must admit that no one could possibly deny that an immediate name that springs in one’s cranium when he thinks about sports played by the presumably higher class is, without a second thought, – golf. So in case you are a golf enthusiast, this place is a definite visit for you, as this place also envelopes a Standard 9 Hole Golf Course designed by Graham Cooke, the most revered golf course architects in North America and is known as Canada’s legendary player.

Noormahal, Karnal


Infamous for its intricate and delicate architecture which reflects the heritage and culture left behind by Maharajas and Mughals, Noormahal offers to be an awe-inspiring experience for a two-day vacation.

Surprisingly, every bit of Noormahal reminds you of our treasured history, like the fine dining restaurant operated by them is styled as “Frontier Mail”, (from pre-independence) and what further is fascinating about the same is that its menu is inspired from the cuisines of the places the train went through! Another instance in the same context is that the bar at Noormahal is styled as Polo Bar, which mirrors backs the reflection of colonial pubs as it is known for serving high ended wines, cognacs and cigars!


Experience what Noormahal will instil will make you treat other options as ersatz. What further amazing is that all this can be witnessed in a drive of approximately 2 hours from Delhi.

We have listed a few of our favourite luxury destinations for you, which are not so far from Delhi, and we are hoping that you will love them. If there is any other place that you want to suggest us or you think we have missed, feel free to share your favourites in the comments section below 🙂 Happy Reading!


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