5 Health Tips Every Woman Should Swear By

Adapting a healthy lifestyle is a choice that not most of the people make, but with a visible increase in health hazards in today’s era, I strongly believe that the most important thing is to follow a healthy regime. Especially if I talk about women, the ratio of PCOS and thyroid is rapidly increasing amongst females.

Me being one of the PCOS patients, I believe one should make a few changes in their lifestyle in order to attain a healthy body and glowing skin. Now, let’s get started with what all changes one must make in her everyday routine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Aloe Vera


Drinking aloe vera juice first thing in the morning can cure 80% of your health problems. It is recommended by all the doctors, dieticians and fitness trainers as well. I have been drinking Patanjali’s Aloe Vera Juice for almost 3 months now, and not just my PCOS is getting better but all my body acne and discolouration skin have shown visible improvement. My skin is glowing, I feel healthy and most importantly it keeps me active all day long.
Instead of sipping coffee or tea early in the morning, make this tiny change of having aloe vera juice and see your body & skin glowing like never before. Also, if you wish to apply aloe vera gel on your face before going to bed, it will help you get rid of patchiness, unwanted acne, signs of ageing and heals the overall damage due to pollution or sunburn. It must be a part of your regime if you wish to have healthy and glowing skin forever.

2. Drink Luke Warm Water

Drinking water as you all know is wonderful for great health, but if you are trying to keep your body fit and lost those extra inches then you must swear by luke-warm or hot water. Hot water helps in cutting down unwanted body fat, works as a cleanser and helps in keeping your body fit and active from the inside. Also, it does wonders to your skin. You’ll witness clear skin and less acne in no time.

3. Walk It Up


Walking is the most underrated form of work-out, some think its waste of time and energy while others think it’s just a way of spending some time and gossiping. Well, putting all these cliche arguments to rest, we state that walking is the best form of working out. Medically stated by most of the institutions, a person who walks every day is more fit and energetic as compared to those who don’t. If you walk for at least 30 minutes in a day, it will help you stay active and energetic all day long.

4. Neem Intake


Neem is another important thing you must add to your routine. Neem has the power to heal acne, purifies your blood, manages your weight and keeps your skin glowing. You must consume neem in any form, juice is the most edible form of neem though. Else, you can also go for Safi, easily available on Amazon and pharmacies in your areas.
If you have acne prone skin, and drinking neem is something you just can’t do then you must go for organic neem oils. Just a few drops in your navel before sleeping and your skin will start to clear in just a week. This helps in making your body acne free for the longer duration of time.

5. Eat Every 4 Hours

Instead of having one big meal at a time, I would highly suggest taking small portions every 4/5 hours in a day. This helps in digestion, keeps your body functioning instead of making you feel lethargic. Overeating or eating as per your appetite always makes you feel lazy, while if you eat a little less than normal meals but you keep your meals coming after a particular span of time, then you will see the difference in your weight and lifestyle in just a few days. Also, make sure your eating habits and food choices are both selective, we are not talking about eating 1 samosa or patty every hour (wink).


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